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by Andrei Deiu

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All our training programs have been developed to give you the maximum results. Each plan is 12 weeks and you can choose between 3 day and 5 day versions to best suit your needs.

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training programs to choose from

Lean Bulk

We all want to bulk without gaining too much fat. This program has been made to achieve just that. High volume, less reps to make sure you gain strength and size.


Program has been crafted to help you shred body fat. 12 weeks of intense training that includes target sets, reps, supersets, dropsets and cardio to help you get in shape.

Meal Plan

No matter what your goal - you need the right meal plan to fuel your growth. That’s why I have built meal plans designed to complement your workout plan and tailored to your overall goal. You enter your information and let us calculate your calories and create the perfect meal plan for you.

  • 200+ delicious recipes
  • High protein snacks
  • Choose between 3 meals a day, 4 meals a day or 5 meals a day
  • Method and ingredients per meal
  • Images for all meals

My Transformation story

“I decided to make my own app after years of dedicated training to help as many people as possible. All workouts in this app are the ones I have used to transform my physique into what you see today.”

- Andrei Deiu

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